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One of the projects that I have started this year at school is a weekly news programme with my students from 6ยบ Primaria. Every week I have tried to cover some of the events going on at the school and then each week I ask for help from a few students to film it. 

The students have responded really positively, and each week more and more students are volunteering to help me. The perfect tool for making each News Bulletin has been WeVideo... in the 1st week I created a template for the news programme with school logo, title sequences and backgrounds which are all included in the WeVideo media library. Therefore, each week I only need to add the footage of the student reporter and the activity that we're covering.

G-Suite for Education makes the whole process really easy as I can begin the News programme script in Docs on Monday and collaborate with other teachers or students about what is going on. I can also easily share photos and videos of the different activities with whoever I need to through Drive. Then, to put it all together and share it with my students and their families, I have put it all into a Google Sites that also allows me to share additional information, extra photos and interesting links.

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