🎅Christmas Snow❄Globe WeVideo🎥 Project🎄

For this year's Christmas Card video I was inspired by Tricia Fuglestad's blog tutorial post and wanted to try and recreate it on a Google-based platform. For this #appsmash I used Google Drawings, and of course, WeVideo.

The first challenge was figuring out the layers... obviously, there is a background, a subject, the snow falling, and the foreground. So, I started experimenting and eventually my WeVideo timeline looked a bit like this...

Basically, I had to create a composition in Google Drawings, and then duplicate it and add a green mask where I wanted my snow and subject to appear. 
I found a beautiful Snow Globe in freepik.com, and a cool Gingerbread decoration for the background in pngtree.com  
Click on either image below to make a copy and feel free to use it for your own Christmas Video project. 

Make a copy
Make a copy
Once you've created the composition, all you need to do is add snow and film your students in front of a green screen and add it to your timeline...

As with my other video projects, I prefer to convert the video to a GIF file as they're generally easier to open and share. My favourite GIF converter is EZGIF.com as I can do it all from Chrome. Then I share with the students' families by QR code which I create at QR Code Monkey, as it allows me to personalise the colours, style and add an image...

If you would like some help with this please email me at ryangornall13@gmail.com or message me @ryangornall13 on Twitter


Snow Globe vector created by macrovector - www.freepik.com
Gingerbread decoration PNG Designed By 潭佳 from Pngtree.com
Merry Christmas on QR Code - www.freepik.es


  1. Ryan, I am trying your snowglobe with my chromebook students next week. I am new to Google Drawings. Do you happen to have a sheet of directions printed up that you can share? I want my student to edit the globe with Google Drawings, but I cannot figure it out. Thank you so much! Jolene

  2. Hi Jolene, send me an email and I'll send you some resources to help you with Google Drawings

  3. Hi Ryan, I love this! Can you send me an email also?
    Thank you!