#GSHGasteiz19 WeVideo workshop

At #GSHGasteiz19 I was given the opportunity to offer a workshop about collaborative projects with WeVideo at the annual event organised by GSuite Hezkuntzan in Vitoria.

Since the GEG Spain event that I attended in Valencia in May, I've learnt an enormous amount about how to use WeVideo in my classes, and so I decided to prepare my own workshop.

Before my own workshop, I also attended Javier Simón's workshop, "OK Google, ¿Hablamos?" which gave me some really cool and interesting ideas about how to use Google Assistant with my students. I have a Google Home Mini myself, but I never could have imagined how it could be used in the classroom.

Javier Simón - "OK Google, ¿Hablamos?"

Once I arrived at the venue, I was also informed that my workshop was going to be live streamed via YouTube. Even though this made me a little bit more nervous about presenting my workshop, it was nice to know that my family and friends would be able to watch it at home.

I tried to structure my workshop, so that I could adequately describe how useful it can be in the classroom, but also giving the participants enough time to try it out. I took as many of my video and green screen resources with me as I could, for everybody to try out some chroma keying tricks.

I received a lot of positive feedback and I think that everyone that attended enjoyed the experience, but more importantly left with some ideas about how to use video with their own classes.

It was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet so many enthusiastic and dedicated educators. 

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