The Jungle Book

This year my end of year show with 6ยบ Primary was "The Jungle Book". It was an interesting story to do because it's been portrayed in several different formats both for the stage and the big screen. Obviously, the students were most familiar with Disney movies, which gave them a good understanding of the story. As they are somewhat different to Rudyard Kipling's original books, it was a good opportunity to share with them parts of the book, and learn more about the characters and the underlying themes and metaphors.
One of the biggest challenges was finding parts for all 63 students, but from reading the original Jungle Book stories I was able to incorporate more animals and characters into the show.

 The stage design was an enjoyable part of the show, as being set in the Indian Jungle, there seemed to be so many ideas and possibilities to decorate the stage.

At the end of the 3rd term, they performed the show twice, to the rest of primary and then to their families. They were a success and the students certainly enjoyed their moment in the spotlight! 

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