Visual Arts

It's been a while since my last post because I've been busy preparing resources for this school year. Since I discovered WeVideo I've been looking at ways of teaching Visual Arts to my students. 
It started at the end of the last school year, when I asked for a section of classroom to be painted...
Twitter post
From there, I started creating my own videos...


And from there, I started preparing resources for my students to start making their own videos. I wanted to create resources that allowed my students to work autonomously, so I created a Google Sites with everything they need. It contains 14 different projects for them to choose from, presented as Hyperdocs. From each Hyperdoc they can create a Notes page to collect information, a Script template and a Storyboard template, as well an Evaluation Rubrics to know what is expected from them.

I'm still starting out, but I'm looking forward to seeing what my students create.

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