Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This year one of my most ambitious projects was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with my 4º Primary class. It is the first time that I attempted to do a show like this with such a young group. Previously, I had only put on show with 5º and 6º Primaria, and there is definitely a big difference from one year group to another in terms of maturity, reading ability and their level of English.
However, it was a group of students that I've known since Infants and I was confident we could pull it off.
In September, I introduced them to the script and its format, and we slowly started picking it apart. Once we were familiar with the story and the language, we quickly organised who would play each part, and took it to the stage.

One of the most difficult things for them to learn is the stage movement; the entrances and exits, positioning their bodies correctly to face the audience, and their movements whilst on stage. I was impressed by how quickly they all learnt their lines, which made rehearsals much more effective, and I was able to slowly help them improve the fluidity of the show.

When they finally performed it for their peers and families they were bursting with confidence, and they did a really great job. 

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