The "Daily Routine" in Infants

I've been working as an Infant teacher since 2010, teaching English to 3 and 4 year olds, and one of the most important elements of my class is the Daily Routine. Each day one student is assigned the role of Mini-teacher, and one his/her main duties is leading the Daily Routine.
The Daily Routine normally lasts half an hour and is the perfect way to start English class each day, and in the early years of learning a second language it is where the most important vocabulary is learnt. We look at the Day of the Week, the Weather, Colours, Numbers, Phonics and then I start introducing new vocabulary during the year according to their progress.
Since my school has adopted the Google for Education platform I decided to design a Daily Routine using Google Slides. I had always flashcards, and pre-prepared materials, but  Google Slides was a perfect tool as I could do the same but also include YouTube videos, images and animations. It is also really easy to add, remove or change content as my students progressed, or simply got bored of something. 
Here is my first Daily Routine of the school year for my 3 year old class:

Feel free to download and use it with your class. The idea is that it allows variety each day as the Mini-teacher has to chose different numbers or colours along the way, with each option playing a different song.
The parts that I like to regularly change are the Phonics, the Vocabulary topic that we are working on the class text book and the Dances at the end. In this first Daily Routine they are the letter S and family.

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