Teaching Drama: Witches lesson plan

I teach drama to all primary levels, so from the ages 6 to 12. The groups that are the most fun to teach, but also the most challenging, are the youngest groups. With 1º and 2º primaria I like to chose themes for each lesson and use different resources related to that theme. As we are close to Halloween, I chose to do a lesson about Witches. 
Luckily, in my school we have a projector in every class, therefore I am able to connect my laptop and use my Google Apps for Education tools. My favourite app for drama classes is Slides as I can use images, videos and music, plus decorate the slides according to the theme.

The classes in my school last 50 minutes, so my plans are normally made for this time range. In this lesson plan, I start off with a quick discussion about the theme to see what ideas and vocabulary they already know. To accompany the question asking how witches talk, I added a video with a witch's laugh, and when I ask them what stories they know with witches in I get all kinds of responses from different programmes, so I added a video of the witch scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (which surprisingly most them haven't seen).
After that, I love to read them "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson. It's a fantastic rhyming story which is easy for them to understand and participate. After I've read it, we learn the "Room on the Broom song" and I get them to become the different animals and characters in the story.
Finally, I love finishing my classes with Just Dance choreographies, and there is a perfect one called "Magic Halloween" with a Witch and her black cat.

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