🎃 Happy Halloween 👻 Headless Student GIF 🧛

So, for Halloween this year I wanted to do something different... and with my green screen studio I had the perfect opportunity...

Headless students! It was really easy to do, and the kids had great fun doing it as well. This is how I did it... first you need a few green objects. I used the green wall in my classroom for the background, a green t-shirt to cover the head of student 1, and a green sheet to cover the body of student 2. It should look a bit like this...

Once I had filmed all of the students I used WeVideo to edit... I was able to colour key all of the green out of the video and then add a halloween background. WeVideo has a huge amount of halloween stock images and videos in its essentials library to choose from. To repeat the process was really easy, as WeVideo allows me to create a template which means that I just have to change the green screen layer in each edit...

I decided to convert the video files to GIF to make them easier to share. My preferred tool for this is ezgif.com It's really easy to use, plus I can upload, convert, edit and download, all within Google Chrome. 
And then to share the GIFs with the families I used QR codes with a link to the GIF file in Google Drive. At QR-Code Monkey I could personalise the image with Halloween colours and a Happy Halloween image, to look something like this...

I printed and laminated the QR code and put it in their school diary for their parents to scan, see and download.



  1. Awesome. I need to try this next year. Too late for this year. Maybe I can use this idea but adapt for Christmas or Snowman.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to do something similar at Christmas with my students

  2. Hi, Looks so fun - would I need the paid membership to WeVideo to get the cool background?
    thanks for the inspo

    1. Thank you! Yes, you would need a Schools Plan or Premium Plan for the backgrounds, and also to be able to use the Colour Keying function.