Stone Soup // Sopa de Piedras

Last week at school I was asked to present a show for our infant students as part of our Día de los Idiomas, Languages Day. Apart from English and Spanish being the primary languages in our school, students also have the opportunity to learn French, German and Chinese. Therefore, every year we celebrate Languages Day, with the objective of demonstrating our students´ability to use each language.
Stone Soup
This year, I decided to adapt an old folk story, Stone Soup, into a bilingual version. The story follows two Americans, walking El Camino de Santiago, when they stop in a small village in Asturias. The Americans speak to some of the villagers in English, and they translate what is said to the other villagers in Spanish, therefore telling the story in both languages at the same time.
You can see a copy of the script by clicking here or on the image above.

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