The "Daily Routine" in Infants: part three

As Halloween is over and we've been doing the Daily Routine for a few weeks now I decided to change up some of the content.

Firstly, I think that they have remembered well enough the first phonic, "S", so I decided to move onto the next letter "A". Secondly, as we're starting to work more in our text books, I decided to introduce a slide about colours. We've already worked quite a bit with colours, and most of them are able to recognise and say "red, yellow and blue", but I wanted to ensure that they are all to able to recognise and say "red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple" as they tend to be so important in everything we do. Orally, I use colours as a way of introducing new vocabulary and as a way of monitoring their understanding. For example, when we move onto food, "Which fruit is red?" or "What colour is a banana?". Finally, I changed the two dance options at the end, as they had become a little bored of the previous options.

Feel free to use it and if you think of any way to improve it, please let me know!

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